Hello, and welcome to Caltech's Physics Demonstration Archive. This online database catalogs over 270 demos kept at the Feynman Lecture Hall.

Oftentimes, we find that the laws of physics can be rather unintuitive, and it can be hard to appreciate that when all we see is numbers and letters on a chalkboard. The aim of these experiments is to demonstrate these behaviors in engaging and practical ways. Most of them are performed every year for our introductory physics classes. If you would like, you can view all of the demonstration videos in this playlist.

This archive has a searchable interface, but if you are concerned for your computer's performance, we encourage you to visit the Noninteractive Version of this website.

Many of these demos can be assembled yourself, but some do rely on specialized equipment and materials. This database catalogs our specific setups, which may be different from more common versions. So, whether you are looking for inspiration for your own physics experiments or you just want to see how a certain physical phenomenon works, we hope you'll find it in this archive.


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